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capture the magic of your story with a beautiful book of photographs


You put so much of yourself into planning a wedding...

You carefully select a picturesque venue and the perfect outfits. The wedding day is more special than you can imagine, lush with flowers and filled with your closest friends and family.

When it's all over, as times passes, careers and daily routines take over. Amidst all the BUSY, the wedding day memories start to fade.

One thing remains steadfast — your wedding album.

Every year, on your anniversary, you curl up on the couch, surrounded by pillows and a cozy blanket, and flip through your photos. The pages tell a story of love, joy, and promises made. The images bring back warm smiles, loving glances, and a dance floor filled with laughter.

One anniversary, years down the road, you catch your little one watching with curious eyes. They are captivated by the images, asking questions about the people, the colors, and the connection that radiates in each photograph. In those pages, they find the foundation on which their own story is built.

A wedding album is more than a collection of photographs, it's an heirloom — a bridge connecting generations and preserving a legacy. It's a reminder of your commitment and a symbol of your journey as a couple, and as a family.

Let's work together to preserve your memories!


Albums made easy:

I. Place your order.

In order to get started, we will select an album size and target page count. For an 8-10 hour wedding day, I suggest between 30 and 40 pages. Once I have your signed album design agreement and payment of a 50% design retainer, I'll put together a draft design to share with you. 

II. Fine-Tune Your design.

The draft design should get you ~90% of the way to an album you'll love. If needed, you can request changes like images to swap in, add, or remove. Three rounds of changes are included in the cost of the album - though one or two usually gets us there. We often make a few design changes when it comes to friends and family you want included since I'm not familiar with all your guests.

III. give your final approval.

Once you have approved the design, I'll retouch the album images, paying special attention to any requests you have! You'll give final approval on the retouched album, sign a final album agreement, and pay the outstanding balance before it goes to print.

Top Tips:

  • Get started within three to six months of your celebration - your emotions are still fresh, but you're far enough removed to be critical of which photos should make the final cut.
  • Consider creating duplicate albums for your parents — they make wonderful gifts!
  • If you decide to DIY, let me know. I'm happy to suggest a few book binders who work with non-professionals. But PLEASE get those photos out of the cloud and onto a page!